Logo Collection

A collection of different logo designs and drafts I did over the last years.

  1. SYRI – Logo design for Sybille Riedl; SYRI Herz Methode
  2. DR. BIRGIT HENN-SCHMIDGRUBER – Logo design for dentist Dr. Birgit Henn-Schmidgruber
  3. LIJON – Logo design for a musician; in coorporation with Sarah D'Agostino
  4. IBC – one of the drafts for international business college hetzendorf's redesign
  5. DAS chegini – logo draft with calligraphy
  6. LEA Y PAOLA – logo design for jewelry designer Lea y Paola
  7. COLOURS OF HUMANITY – Logo design for a friend's NPO project
  8. MGM Münzgalerie – one of the drafts of a logo redesign for Munich's coin gallery